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Tiny Stories AI

Tiny Stories AI is a personalised audiobook platform created specifically for children. Tiny Stories AI allows kids to experience a new level of engagement with their favourite books and stories by listening to custom-made audio versions of their favourite books. The platform employs advanced natural language processing algorithms to generate personalised audiobooks for each child.


Key features


  1. Tiny Stories AI creates personalised audiobooks based on the child's age, interests, reading level, and other factors.
  2. Children can select from a variety of narrators, including professional voice actors, to bring their favourite stories to life.
  3. AI adjusts tiny Tales of Adaptive Technology based on the child's level of engagement.
  4. Simple Navigation: The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows kids to easily navigate and find the books they want to listen to.
  5. Tiny Stories AI has a large selection of books, including classic children's tales, popular picture books, and new releases.



How it works

  1. Account Setup: Parents or guardians set up an account for their child, entering information such as their child's age, interests, and reading level.
  2. Book Selection: Children choose which books they want to listen to from Tiny Stories AI's vast library.
  3. Personalization: The platform personalises the audiobook experience for each child based on the information provided during account creation.
  4. Children select the narrator they want to use to bring the story to life.
  5. Tiny Tales of Adaptive Technology AI uses advanced algorithms to adjust the audiobook's reading pace and tone based on the child's level of engagement.
  6. Children can sit back, relax, and listen to their personalised audiobook.


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