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MIDI-GPT is a tool that uses the power of OpenAI's GPT language model to generate MIDI files. This tool can be useful for musicians, composers, and music producers who need inspiration for their compositions or want to experiment with new ideas.


Key Features:

  • MIDI file generation: MIDI-GPT can generate MIDI files based on a given prompt or starting point.
  • Customizable output: Users can customize the output by specifying the length of the generated MIDI file, the temperature, and the number of samples.
  • High-quality output: The MIDI files generated by MIDI-GPT are of high quality and can be used in music production or live performances.


How it Works:

MIDI-GPT works by using the GPT language model to generate MIDI sequences. The user provides a prompt or starting point, and MIDI-GPT generates a MIDI sequence based on that input. The length of the generated MIDI file can be specified by the user, along with other parameters like temperature and a number of samples. The resulting MIDI file can be exported and used in a variety of music production software or hardware. MIDI-GPT is a powerful tool that can help musicians and composers to generate new ideas and explore different musical styles.


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